The philosophy of FSL is that we are greatly affected by what we see and what it means to us. By consciously creating and selecting what we illuminate in our space we can impact how the environment makes us feel and think. 

Feng Shui Lighting marries key principles of Feng Shui with key components of good lighting design to create spaces that make us feel good and create good energy flow; good Chi. 


An anecdotal story about Jonas Salk, the creator of the first successful polio vaccine serves as an example. In an article by Fast Company, This Is Your Brain On Architecture, Salk spoke of the challenges in developing the vaccine. He traveled to Assisi, Italy and, spending time at a 13th-century monastery, he had the breakthrough that would lead to the vaccine. He was convinced that where he was, and what he saw, had an influence on his thinking that led to the creating of the vaccine for polio. 

To make this idea that your space impacts your thinking real for yourself, look at the map to the right. This is the Dymaxion Map created by Buckminster Fuller. 


Now, answer this question: 

If I gave you two tickets to anywhere, where would you go? Really, in your dreams where in the world would you go?

Where ever that place is, Feng Shui Lighting suggests that you have imagery of that place in your home, either literal imagery, symbols, or whatever helps conjure that place in your mind. So, if you wanted to go to Bora Bora, have photos of Bora Bora in your home. A screensaver of Bora Bora on your computer. A backlit fixture from Feng Shui Lighting at your office. 

Consciously place lights in your space to impact how you feel and think. 

Enjoy your travels. Let the Light inspire you.