Mosaic chimes

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This new apartment complex is in the Mosaic District of Falls Church Virginia. The exterior wall of glass allows for a direct view into the lobby and the six story elevator lobbies about it. The designers envisioned large scale Chime inspired pendants and some floor to ceiling tube features to accentuate and add drama to the space. FSL created over 100 ten foot long Chime Pendants with LED accent collars for the Lobby and 2nd Floor gathering space. Complementary wall features of the Chimes on the 2nd floor carry the design across the space. Viewed from the exterior, the Chimes and floor to ceiling features seem to flow right thru the decking and unify the vertical flow of the first few floors. The custom Chimes and accentuated by the color changing walls of the main lobby and elevator lobbies above. 

Mosaic District - Chimes

Mill Creek Residential

Falls Church, VA

Custom LED Chime Pendants

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