light up the world

FSL is committed to making a difference by bringing light to places in the world that would otherwise be in darkness. To that end we have become an ambassador to Light Up The World Foundation.

As an ambassador, FSL is dedicated to spreading awareness about Light Up the World's mission to illuminate the lives of the world's poor by providing affordable, safe, healthy, efficient, and environmentally responsible lighting to off-grid communities globally. We hope you will join them too.

Approximately 1.3 billion people do not have access to electricity. Light Up The World (LUTW) is a Canadian non-profit organization focused on the principle that access to energy changes lives. Access to renewable energy creates a healthy and safe home environment, enhances opportunities for education and contributes to economic development by increasing disposable income and encouraging entrepreneurship. With a focus on training local technicians and developing the capacity of local services providers, LUTW builds partnerships so that communities are empowered to move towards a more sustainable future.