We feature a menu of backlighting solutions, including fixtures in a variety of form factors and complete solutions that combine the backlighting fixture with the diffuser. We’re bringing backlighting to the forefront.

Backlighting is our specialty

Our menu of backlighting fixtures and complete solutions create dramatic, impactful, stunning design elements that add a fresh, clean unobstructed aesthetic to the built environment. We’ve grown to offer products for creating luminous walls and ceilings.

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You might be wondering who this company FSL is? How did they become focused on Backlighting. What’s their story?


FSL was born out of the idea of bringing together two powerful sets of principles that our founder, was passionate about… Feng Shui and Lighting Design. He knew the powerful difference that good lighting design could make in a space. The built environment could be enhanced and literally enlightened by the proper and good application of light. As a student of Feng Shui, he knew the impact on a building or space that could be made by applying the principles of Feng Shui. People would feel more at home and comfortable. Things would seem to flow better. The design intent of the space would be fulfilled.


So he set out to combine these two schools of thought by bringing the principles of good Lighting Design to the world of Feng Shui…and the principles of good Feng Shui design to the practice Lighting Design. At first, we sought to apply Feng Shui aesthetic guidelines to the lighting design idea of “lighting the vertical”. And Feng Shui Lighting was born.


What started out as a collection of small sconces has grown into a full menu of fixtures and complete solutions to “light the vertical”. But instead of using traditional fixtures to light the vertical from the front, we have chosen to have the Vertical actually “Be” the light source. And while we still offer some modestly sized fixtures, our offering has literally grown to allow us to assist specifiers in creating complete glowing walls, illuminated ceilings, and luminous design elements.


While we’re still asked to create bespoke decorative lighting fixtures or clean simple geometric shade lights, we’re best known for our Flat Surface Lighting.


We’ve been lighting people almost all of our lives. We grew up in the industry. We love what we do. We’d love to collaborate with you.